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Impact Strategies

Academic Success

  • BE GREAT: Graduate
    BE GREAT: Graduate

    BGCA's dropout prevention program

    This program is designed to enhance each Club member's engagement with learning by providing consistent support from caring and trusted adults in developing the academic, emotional and social skills needed to achieve academic success.

    This program uses the early warning signals — attendance, behavior and course failure — to identify youth at risk of dropping out of school.

  • Club Tech
    Club Tech

    An ambitious, multi-year initiative that provides all Boys & Girls Clubs with state-of-the-art software!

    Club Tech, BGCA's digital literacy and technology skills program, includes a comprehensive array of programs to help Club professionals build members’ computer skills and integrate technology in all Core Program Areas. The program also provides extensive, ongoing training for Club professionals.

    Club Tech helps Clubs incorporate technology in every aspect of their operation. Most importantly, young people develop the technology skills necessary to succeed in school and the job market. Club Tech resources and programs are available through, BGCA’s web site for teens.

  • Digital Arts
    Digital Arts

    Club Tech’s Digital Arts teaches members ages 6 to 17 how to create computer-generated art. Members are given instruction in photo manipulation, audio mixing, image creation, web editing and movie making to create a foundation for real life technology skills.

  • DramaMatters Afterschool
    DramaMatters Afterschool

    A drama education program for Clubs that encourages members ages 6-8 to engage in hands-on activities.

    Drama education builds self-confidence, sparks creativity and boosts academic achievement. The DramaMatters Afterschool Program Guide is a weekly program consisting of 60-minute sessions segmented for beginner, intermediate and advanced members. Each session can be adapted to fit the age of participants as well. Sessions consist of a short warm-up; a main activity of games, script work or performance; and a 10-minute cool-down. The Lessons in Stagecraft Program Guide includes many different ways for members to express themselves creatively, from costumes to set design to directing.

  • National Fine Arts
    National Fine Arts

    This year-round program encourages artistic expression among Club members ages 6-18 through drawing, painting, printmaking, collage, mixed media and sculpture displayed at local and regional exhibits.

    Using the interactive National Fine Arts Program Guide, staff can guide youth through the various art projects with step-by-step instructions and instructional videos. A panel of distinguished judges selects works for inclusion in the National Fine Arts Exhibit, which is displayed throughout the ensuing year at BGCA events, including the annual National Conference.

    Visit our National Fine Arts Exhibit which highlights the artistic talents of our Club members. Enjoy!

  • Power Hour
    Power Hour

    Making Minutes Count

    The Power Hour materials provide practical tips and best practices for recognition and incentives, behavior management, volunteer recruitment and training, collaboration with other organizations and use of technology and the Internet.

  • Robo Tech
    Robo Tech

    Robotics may seem daunting, but the Robo Tech program, for members ages 6-13 is an easy and fun way to explore science, technology, engineering and math.

    Using Lego kits provides an introduction to robotics. Members, working in groups, use the kits and tutorials to build and program a robot that interacts with its environment in numerous ways.

  • Skill Tech I
    Skill Tech I

    An engaging, hands-on program that appeals to members of all ages and technical abilities. Through three levels of animated online lessons in either English or Spanish and instructor-led group activities.

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