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Ventura Boys & Girls Club Foundation


Ventura Boys & Girls Club Foundation

The Ventura Boys & Girls Club Foundation, Inc. was established in 1976 to assure the long range financial future of the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Ventura.  The goal was to establish an endowment and use its income to help support Club operation and programs in perpetuity.  

Over the years, citizens and businesses have responded and generously stepped forward with donations of cash, stock and property through wills and trusts.

For decades the Foundation has been instrumental in bringing the Club's nationally recognized youth development programs to as many of Ventura's children as possible. But the waiting list is long... and many vulnerable kids have yet to be reached.

Your gift will ensure a bright future for present and new generations of Ventura's children by providing the resources to help them become healthy, responsible, confident and productive leaders of our community.

There are several ways to give to the Foundation

Appreciated Stock:

Instead of selling your stock or mutual fund, you may gift it to the Foundation and avoid tax on the capital gain while receiving a deduction for its full market value.


Make a gift of cash, stock, mutual funds, annuities, life insurance or real estate through your will or trust and realize potential income tax advantages.




Charitable Lead Trust:

Donate the income stream from an asset for a stated period during your lifetime and get an income tax deduction for the present value of the stream.  You and your family retain ownership of the underlying asset.

Charitable Remainder Trust:

Debt-free property or highly appreciated stocks can be turned into a charitable remainder trust. You will receive a lifetime income stream and claim current tax deductions, while the remainder goes to the Foundation at your death.



Life Insurance:

  • Name the Foundation as beneficiary of a life insurance policy you own.
  • Transfer ownership to and name the Foundation as beneficiary of a paid-up life insurance policy, deducting the surrender value of the policy in the year of the donation.
  • Purchase a new life insurance policy, transfer its ownership to and name the Foundation its beneficiary, thereafter making periodic tax deductible donations to the Foundation for the payment of premiums.


During your lifetime or by testamentary gift through your will or trust, set up a tax-deductible endowment through the Foundation to honor yourself or a loved one and to benefit a scholarship or other core Club program of your choosing (e.g. art, music, technology, sports program etc.)


The Ventura Boys & Girls Club Foundation, Inc. is tax exempt registered under section 501(c)(2) of the Internal Revenue Code.
Established 1976


Foundation Board of Directors
President: Nello Panelli  |  Tom Hinkle  |  Tony MacIsaac  |  Curtis Cormane  |  Kiki Lyon  |  Rick Price
For further information please contact Patti Birmingham at (805) 641-5585 or